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Dear SkyFeed Subscribers,

For the majority of people, the awakening moment that turns their life around is figurative – mine was literal. Actually, it was on my living room sofa in the end of my sophomore year, when I woke up to hear Cosmos: a Spacetime Odyssey playing on the TV; Neil deGrasse Tyson was illustrating the fundamental laws of physics and the beauty of their dynamic in our universe. Though I’ve always had a knack for science, I truly felt fascinated and enlightened as I watched the story of our cosmos’ rise unfold.

So, I became an Astrophysics student, and consequently, familiar with my fair share of the unforgiving scientific journals and lecture-type blogs available on the internet. Suffice it to say – I was underwhelmed with the lack of content that was able to casually share the world of space exploration with anybody who had a small curiosity.

What I wanted was something leisure – something that anybody could enjoy, without needing to be a rocket scientist to understand; something that fascinated youth and older generations, in the effort to get people excited about science again. Thus, the idea for SkyFeed was born, and I took the matters into my own hands and made it a reality.

The content that will be published during the following weeks will include a series of new and old news, touching base with everything from the origins of the universe to its infinite expansion. Additionally, you can expect to find videos and quizzes, intended to provide you with a method of bringing media entertainment and science together.

My greatest life goal is to be part of something on a larger scale that could push the envelope on what we know about the cosmos today. I am eagerly looking forward to that moment, but until then, researching and writing for my latest project – this blog – is what I’m happy to share with the world.

Thank you so much for your incredibly gracious patience during this extensive period of SkyFeed’s development. I am so looking forward to the people I will meet along the way, grateful for the people who help me get there, and excited to explore this fascinating universe with the world.

Be sure to subscribe, so that you don’t miss a moment.

And with love, keep looking up.

Lia N. Rovira. XO

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