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Netflix is Filming a Space Force Series Starring Steve Carell

March 11, 2019


It looks like we'll have a fictional Space Force before the real one gets off the ground. Netflix just announced its new show Space Force, a comedy starring Steve Carell about the men and women who will make up no other than President Trump’s Space Force, the newest real-world branch of the military.


The streaming service accompanied the show’s announcement with a short teaser trailer that doesn’t really show much other than a shot of the earth from space, with a heavy emphasis that Space Force is being brought to you by the creative minds behind The Office.


In an era before streaming, this would seem a little strange. After all, is the best selling point for a new show from an actor who featured prominently in three movies in 2018 really the show he produced and starred in back in 2005? The data suggests: Absolutely.


According to Recode, The Office is still Netflix’s most popular show by an incredibly wide margin. And with the upcoming Space Force, Netflix leverages some of The Office and gets a little more out of the show’s immense popularity. This is important, because even the premise for Space Force seems to imply that it might have a bit of The Office’s workplace-comedy charm.


The show is based on Trump’s Space Force plan, announced in June 2018.


But rather than taking a sci-fi angle, the show will follow the men and women whose job it will be to run the day-to-day operations of the Space Force and figure out what exactly the organization will do.


Just by the sound of it, we can’t imagine anything more perfect for Netflix-generation space fans than a Michael Scott persona equipped with the tasks of running the Space Force. It feels like we’ve been waiting for this a millennia, and can’t wait to fill the void in our lonely hearts with a new binge on dry humor.


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Source: This story was originally published on Space.com. We are republishing a lightly edited version to SkyFeed in light of interest on the subject. Wall, Mike. "Steve Carell is Launching a Space Force Comedy Series on Netflix." Space.com. 18 Jan, 2019. Web article.

Citation: Rovira, Lia N. "Netflix is Filming a Space Force Series Starring Steve Carell." SkyFeed. 11 March 2019. Web article.

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