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Science Summed Up in 20 Memes

Sometimes, science is confusing. Here are twenty examples, broken down into millennial humor.

1. Science can be challenging

2. or as easy as microwaving a turkey.

3. One man’s The Fault in Our Stars is another man’s Organic Chemistry.

4. As Earth dies, other planets in our solar system may inherit life.

5. Graph go SCHLOOP

6. This cat has achieved more than I ever will, and I’m 100% okay with that.

7. Pop culture can be useful.

8. Fitted sheets and rocket science go hand in hand.

9. Everybody’s late to morning classes.

10. ”This is pretty much common sense”

11. Why is my hand so itchy?


13. 👀

14. Electrons behave a lot like this.

15. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

16. The Iodine Clock is how fast I get annoyed.

17. Not all things age with grace.

18. This hit that went viral

19. Some lessons come easier than others.

20. And everything SkyFeed represents. Now get back to work.

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Citation: Rovira, Lia N. “Science Summed Up in 20 Memes.” SkyFeed. 19 Nov, 2018. Web article.

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